Show Up Strong Crisis Navigation


Just some of the areas where Tamara’s been a leading force & “Chief Navigating Officer” in successful outcomes. 

➢ Decisions/negotiations impacting $100M+ initiatives

➢ Corporate extortion/threat situations

➢ Hostile board environments

➢ Partnership, creation, splits, and dissolution

➢ Contract negotiations

➢ Legal battles

➢ Illness-induced crisis

➢ High net worth divorce

➢ High Stakes Initiative Crisis

➢ Corporate Structure, Shareholders Agreements, Founders   Agreements (formation, negotiation & reformation in crisis)

➢ Extreme-Achiever Burnout & Breakdown

➢ Extreme Stalking & Reputation Assassination

➢ Domestic Violence


….and more.

**Tamara will travel to the clients’ location as well as with her clients. This is on a case by case basis and only for cases meeting specific criteria.**

You’re hiring the right people to crunch numbers, draft legal docs, oversee your schedule, even handle your personal life’s needs, but you might be forgetting something crucial. Hiring the right person to identify your personal blind spots, business blind spots, and blind spots in identifying not only your motives, but the motives of others involved.

You might be forgetting your secret weapon.

Having someone who’s only skin in the game is to look out for your well being in every aspect simply makes sense. Someone who understands a broad range of business, human behavior, financial and social areas and can see from 30k feet and on the microscopic level.

Tamara’s highly skilled in uncovering hidden agendas and has uncovered well-hidden loopholes and linguistic contortions in contracts that have saved people millions upon millions.

You need someone skilled in the art of high stakes, high impact and high-value environments. Someone who understands the lives, livelihoods, and finances involved and will help you navigate with grace and success.

The broad skills and talents she utilizes create the best possible outcomes for her clients, their businesses and the ripples of impact those decisions create. Her track record is flawless!

Tamara is highly skilled in keeping the focus where it must be while keeping her clients from losing their minds, businesses, and relationships.

If you have a high-stakes crisis or you feel the intuition and tension of an approaching crisis, please do not wait until the point of regret!

In certain situations, Tamara will travel to you or with you during your crisis or high stakes negotiations.

If you have an emergency situation and time is of the essence, please contact us by:

Email: (Business 911 in the subject)

Text: +01.949.371.6866 (Business 911 in opening of text)