Breaking Down The Silos Of Your Marketing Segments For Higher Performance Of Customer Acquisition

Show Up Strong® Online

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How Do You Show Up Strong Online?

How we approach winning and losing is how we navigate life and business.

How I help my clients Show Up Strong Online

 I work with business leaders to adjust the way they approach their online presence through technology, psychology, and implementation to exponentially improve their business success and sustainability.

Most online marketing, offline marketing, technology, websites, graphics, content strategy, market strategy platform/branding, and all things outward-facing for their business is typically done in silos. Each silo has its area of expertise with little to vague knowledge of what is required of the others to successfully generate the desired results and maintain brand integrity.

Through no fault of their own, this disjointed and unintended approach holds business leaders back from becoming the authority in their industry. It greatly diminishes the performance of their customer acquisition. 

If it’s not the business owner’s area of expertise, they don’t need to know the details of how the sausage is made. Their time is better spent doing the thing that keeps them in business and gets them up in the morning. All they need to know about the online ranking, authority, and customer acquisition “sausage” is:

  1.  Preparing the content properly (have the ability to read the cooking instructions).
  2. Have the templates, technology, and schedule (the utensils and apparatus to cook it).
  3. Understand the impact on their market platform/brand/audience (have access to the nutritional value).
  4. Staying relevant to their audience and with technology (check the  expiration date).
  5.  The capacity to handle increased business (have the digestive system to handle it).

All they need to be concerned with is:

  1. Increased revenue, prominence, and ROI (how it tastes).

Marketing platform and brand is not part of the typical website design and SEO strategy and vice versa. Marketing, sales, and brand strategists traditionally don’t know the salient details of SEO, UX, algorithms, and the technical side of websites and content optimization.

Technology, graphics, content, brand voice, and message all need to align to stand out as the authority your buyers turn to and return to.

I bring them all together with decades-long experience and up to the minute knowledge in all the critical areas to give clients a holistic approach that aligns them and combines them with the science of human behavior. Going far beyond typical online, SEO, inbound marketing, and website techniques. 

Once brought into alignment and implemented, I oversee keeping them in alignment to boost my client’s authority and customer acquisition performance, exponentially!

There is no one size fits all approach to showing up strong online

We all have a winning, losing, and neutral strategy that motivates us to do the things we do, or not do. So does your ideal client. 

I help clients easily get inside the head of their audience to see their products, services, website, content, and platform from a fresh perspective. From the perspective and pain point of their ideal buyers.

Every business and industry requires and deserves a unique strategy. Most of the technical aspects are ubiquitous, but that is where cookie cutter ends.

Like professional athletes, every business at the top of their game has someone to help them uncover the barriers to their greatness. The blind spots to connections in solving the strategic puzzle of the online Mosh Pit. That’s my role for my clients who want to fully engage the potential of the internet and deploy that segment of customer acquisition. 

You’re here for a reason. You know you’re more than capable of being at the top of your game and getting what you truly want and you know the only thing holding you back from doing it, is aligning your value with the eyes and ears of your audience and search engines.

Some of the reasons you haven’t been getting the online love you deserve

    1. You may have an approach that’s not speaking to your real value and landing with the right prospects, at the right time, in the right place, when they need you.
    2. Your digital content strategy isn’t up to quality standards of the latest algorithm requirements.
    3. Your website is slow, outdated, confusing, compromised, or any of the 200+ aspects algorithms use to either boost you to the top, black ball you, or ignore your site completely.

Take ownership of the value you place on your online presence

Take a strategic approach to the way you show up and navigate the digital world while being fluid to allow for growth and change. Learn to balance getting what you want, while considering how you go about getting it. 

Ask yourself these questions about the way you view your online presence (even if they sting a little):

  1. Have you been a penny pincher with your strategy and management?
  2. Have you invested time and money in the way you show up online like you invest in your personal appearance or the way you project your success and value to the world?
  3. Do you look for and buy the easy button “get clients fast” or “get to the top of Google” SEO packages? 
  4. Do you think you can set it and forget it with your website and content? 
  5. Do you place the value on client acquisition it deserves or calculated the revenue loss by not investing in a quality online presence? 

Showing up strong online is taking ownership of the roles you play; your approach, focus, technology, impact, legacy, and team. How you show the world your value and building a strong team that helps bring you higher revenue and high-value business.

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