I was fortunate enough to have mentorship, coaching and guidance provided by Tamara Lee Taylor in relation to developing my critical thinking, strategic approach and leadership abilities.

At the time of our introduction I had successfully grown a micro enterprise in to a flourishing small business and needed support to move to the next level.

At every session Tamara was not only insightful but beautifully adept at picking out the salient elements of each issue and supporting me through analysis and options appraisal. She has phenomenal emotional intelligence and has a unique ability to look at every situation in a multi-faceted way opening otherwise hidden strategies.

Not only is Tamara professional she is empathetic and human in her approach to clients. She is punctual to a tee and certainly provided exceptional value for money in developing a range of leadership and executive management skills.

I would most accurately describe Tamara as my business psychiatrist, and an amazing one at that. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending her services to any level of manager or entrepreneur who is seeking to grow and develop.