The Restless Successful®

Have you had so much success, it’s no longer thrilling you? Perhaps you’ve found out the hard way, we can be successful and unhappy, wealthy and unsatisfied, affluent and anxious. It’s a restlessness you might not understand…yet. Perhaps you’ve reached a point when you want more or need a new strategy to get the most of your genius. Getting more of the tired expectation of success isn’t the answer. Now it’s time to live your definition of success & get results that are meaningful to you.

Have you ever felt discontent with the social expectations of success? You’re wanting something different from what everyone expects from you and for you; perhaps different from what you thought you wanted for yourself?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. I get you, we’re from the same planet. I’ve been there and traveled alone without the benefit of someone who’s traveled that road to guide me. It’s my experiences, knowledge, and skills (aka hard-earned and learned lessons) which will help you navigate without the enormously costly, and at times, devastating mistakes; to enrich you with the knowledge, wisdom, grace, and guidance.

Responsibilities, social expectations, ‘golden handcuffs’ and the momentum of success vs. the need for higher levels of meaningful success, can keep top thinkers feeling stressed, discontent and burnt out.

This may result in myriad problems ranging from:

   A revolving door of successes and failures

   High anxiety

   Idea jumping

    Health issues

   Success sabotage

   Risky/addictive behaviors

   Tumultuous relationships

   Lost relationships

   Unmet potential


   Loss of wealth

   In extreme cases, suicide

There’s often a situation of being successful in lay definition, yet wanting something more than the typical expectation and belief of what success looks like vs. what it feels like to you, once you’ve arrived.

It’s often described as restlessness. You may have an idea of what that “something more” is or you may need someone you can trust to assist you without prejudice and their own agenda. A second brain to help you discover, design and navigate when things get a bit rocky and bold moves seem daunting.

You may not know why you feel the restlessness, but you’re ready to figure it out, now.

It may be for higher impact, bigger challenges with more fulfilling opportunities and more meaningful results. It may be for a deeper connectedness than you may have now. It’s a little different for everyone, yet, the restlessness feeling universal.

Making the choices required to gain the elusive “something more” can be challenging for those who’ve already reached high levels of success. The environment for highly successful individuals has an entirely different set of rules and it takes someone who understands the financial, emotional and ripples of impact which go along with big and small changes. The stakes are much higher. The positives and negatives to change are much different from that of the average individual.

Having someone who’s made those big bold “crazy” moves (and survived each time) and understands those particulars to support and advise along the way, can make the difference between meaningful results and devastating disasters.

What’s worse than making mistakes?  Being highly successful and not truly enjoying it.

Knowing what’s worked in the past, is no longer working in the present, the need for support in making bold moves to address the restlessness is vitally important. After all, you’re too busy doing your life and business, you haven’t the time or the luxury of massive mistakes in trial and error. Have Tamara work with you on your level, the way your mind works, not trying to fit you into a generalized template or program.


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