Who We Work With At Show Up Strong

Who we work with at show up strong

Over 30 Years Of Experience Helping People Show Up Strong® In Life & Business

Over the years, Tamara has worked with people in a wide range of industries and personalities. She’s worked with people at all levels of business, entrepreneurship, economic levels, and life situations. This has granted her a unique perspective on who she will work with and who she won’t. 

You Want To Make Your Success Portable

You’re already successful and want to keep your momentum growing as you grow into new challenges and goals. Whether you’re moving from the role of entrepreneur into the role of CEO or making a bold move in your life, business, or career, you need someone to help you navigate the challenges ahead and maintain your  high-performance levels.

You Want Growth For High Potentials

You want someone to help facilitate game-changing solutions in new and complex environments. Someone to help high-potential people identify their own success formula and use that to their best advantage. You want the potential to flourish and not fizzle when at a critical point in the make or break environment of the real world. 

You Want To Stop The Revolving Door Of Success And Failure

You need someone to help you focus on the revolving door of success/failure: why success and failure has become a revolving door. Not just a band-aid or quick fix, but a lasting solution to the real underlying issue.

You're Staging A Comeback

You’re intelligent, talented, and have been successful, but something derailed your life, career, or business. You need someone to help you turnaround any defeat and stage a comeback. You want someone who’s been there, done that.

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