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Tamara Lee Taylor | Consultant | Performance
"I am highly selective in choosing the people and businesses I collaborate with. I dedicate my time, energy, and expertise to those who are committed to creating genuine value for others and operating with integrity." ~ Tamara Taylor

Tamara Knows How to
Show Up Strong®
in Life & Business

In her 40+ years of unexpected detours and constant reinvention, Tamara knows one thing for sure: how we approach winning and losing is how we navigate life.

Tamara’s philosophy is: “What we engage with and detach from, the roles we play, and our commitment to constant evolution determine who we become and what we produce.”

Tamara combines her real-world experience, business acumen, and acute interpretation of human behavior with the science of change to make her clients unstoppable. 

Her experiences in adversity and diversity have enriched her with a superpower to see what others are missing. In many fields, Tamara has taken a solid foundation that is not in its highest and best use and turned it into something bigger, better, and more strikingly brilliant. 

Tamara has built multiple multi-million dollar businesses and has navigated dozens of others to build and grow their empires exponentially.

She’s assisted business owners increase revenue from 60% in 60 days to 1200% in 95 days. She’s transformed executives and entrepreneurs into leaders who know how to Show Up STRONG in any situation and to take bold but calculated leaps to transform financial success into financial, meaningful, and purposeful success. 

Tamara’s greatest natural talents are her ability to “get people” and her strong desire to always be learning. In analyzing the patterns and strategies that always helped her show up strong, reinvent, and stage a comeback after disastrous events, she uncovered the roles she played in positive and negative outcomes.

Tamara has mastered the art of discovering the hidden roles, agendas, and blind spots for her clients to navigate them into more powerful roles, generate more revenue, and focus on what matters most.

Tamara has never shied away from making bold decisions when the stakes are high. She knows what it takes to make those giant leaps when the future is unpredictable and to start from scratch. 

Tamara is native to California and began bouncing between California and Arizona in her mid 30’s and continues to do so almost two decades later. She works with clients internationally and locally. 

For more information and inquiries, get in touch with Tamara to experience the difference between navigating business and life by just showing up and navigating by Showing Up STRONG!

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