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Laser Sessions

You’re at a crossroads. You’ve chosen your path. Is traveling alone your best option? Not really. There’s safety in having someone watch your back. An unbiased partner who can see what you can’t and help you discern what’s really going on and your best approach.
Tamara’s Laser sessions program is focused support for real-time situations that could use an outside perspective. Showing up strong in every situation takes determination, discipline, and discernment. This program is built for specific issues that need support in showing up strong. Those challenges that pop up suddenly and you need an unbiased partner to call for the occasional deep dive or as ongoing boosts after you’ve completed more in-depth programs but need those “Tamara’s got your back” sessions.

For “The Restless Successful” Entrepreneur or High Achiever that needs an insightful and confidential outside source to interpret and identify the missing steps in your approach. You don’t need someone to hold your hand, you need someone to tweak your perspective and help you navigate staying on track.


      • An unbiased interpretation of the way you’re approaching an initiative or tough decision. Tamara will identify specific blind-spots and drill down on the nuance of the situations that you might not see.
      • Help seeing the subject from every angle and different perspectives and give you the ability to make the best choices.
      • Brainstorming and consulting on your plan, once you’ve made your choice.
      • Keep you strong and consistent in your approach.
      • Identify those areas that are sucking the strength and momentum out of you and your success.


      • You’re showing up strong in most areas, yet need an expert to help you bust through those tough nuts you just can’t crack.
      • Want to decide what to engage with and detach from, with grace and ease.
      • Have your next success in sight and plan in hand, but you want help with the unforeseen curve balls that happen along the way.
      • Have a tough decision or situation that’s stopped you dead in your tracks.
      • You’re successful and realize you’re limiting your success by not seeing your blind-spots in real time.
      • You need to make adjustments and you need insight and how to’s.
      • You’ve got the basics down, but want to focus on the nuances of Show Up Strong®.
      • You’re willing to make the best decisions, not the easy choices.
      • Effectively identify and weed out negative influences.
      • Need someone to tell it like it is, not what you want to hear.


      • You need constant interaction and reinforcement. This program provides support, insights and laser focus on specific issues, but not hand-holding. If you need more intense support, check out The Entrepreneur Optimizer program.
      • You think you have all the discernment you can handle. If so, then go it alone for 30 days and reassess your needs.
      • You’re not ready for the laser focus and rapid momentum. Go slow until you’re ready to speed up…but don’t stay too long, treading water can get tiring. You won’t have enough energy to jumpstart your progress.
      • You want to keep those blind spots right where they are – hidden. The #1 reason why we are blind to our blind spots? Because they are not pretty to look at. That’s okay, but for you to get the most value, you have to be willing to look at the good, the bad and the ugly in every situation. We’ll be kind and still be honest.
      • You believe the problem is “out there.” This program is about changing what you can control: you. And the first step in our journey is to own your role in every situation. Clients who get the most value from this program fess up early and often. Then we can move quickly into new approaches.
      • Like your approach just the way it is. We understand that what you do works. This process isn’t a major overhaul. It’s a series of small changes that make a big difference in real time. And….you do have to change to get the most value. The good news: we’re right there with you.
      • You want to delegate the mental heavy lifting. You’re busy. We get it. In this program, Tamara is the catalyst, not the initiator. If you need more help, that’s okay. Check out  Make Me Unstoppable. Tamara is happy to help you decide the right fit for you.


The first step provides in-depth information on the areas we’ve agreed to focus on. You will be asked to give specific examples, your typical response and why this response is effective in the past and past results. Tamara uses this information as a baseline for her feedback and take-away assignments.

The second step, once I receive your information, our first session will be scheduled within a week (could be sooner depending on your situation). Our sessions will consist of three parts; going over your last ‘next steps’, evaluation of what needs to happen next and your next steps strategies.

The following sessions will be scheduled based upon the time you need to complete those next step strategies. Generally speaking, the third session of each month is reserved for any outstanding issues from the previous two sessions.

*As every situation has its nuances, the time frames can be adjusted for urgent matters.


      • This program consists of three 60 minute session per month.
      • It is imperative I am supplied with the most honest and accurate information.
      • You will be assigned next steps between sessions. While I don’t expect perfection, I do need your best effort so I can give you the most accurate feedback.
      • Please email your assignment updates a minimum of two days prior to our scheduled sessions to give me ample time to develop the most effective ideas and feedback.

How long does it take:

This package is typically a three-month minimum. At the end of the three months, we evaluate where you are and decide if we need to continue working together and how much attention and support you need. The amount of progress will depend on you. Custom programs can be designed to assist you with exactly the attention and depth you need. Upon providing details of your needs, a custom “Private Label” package may be created specifically for you should we discover more in-depth and hands-on needs.

For more information contact us.

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