Maximized Performance

Entrepreneur Optimization

You’ve reached the level of success you set out to reach and now it’s time to blow out your personal glass ceiling. You’re restless and ready to optimize your success and you’re smart enough to know, what got you here won’t get you there. With this program, you will take those roles and ideas that got you here and morph them into the roles you need to play now, to be ready for anything.

With this program, we’ll take your greatest hits and create new roles for you and your business. We’ll have you stepping out and up for success in all areas, beyond your perceived limitations and blind spots. You’ll be able to turn any roadblock into a work of art in no time.


  • Evaluate the skills and approach that got you where you are
  • Advice on skills to rapidly increase your effectiveness in the roles you play
  • Brainstorming on the best way to navigate you and your business to maximum levels.
  • Keep you strong and focused in your approach.
  • Identify those areas that are sucking the strength and momentum out of you and your business.
  • Be available to you for “in the moment, Tamara’s got your back” shifts in perspective, approach and creativity while implementing your new roles and initiatives (and whatever else pops up).


  • Have reached a level of success and are restless to move above and beyond that level.
  • Have certain areas where you want and need to make adjustment and breakthroughs.
  • Have too many creative ideas that steal your focus and need to narrow down and focus on the best and most valuable initiatives
  • Are ready to take advantage of your momentum and need a little support or a little extra push.
  • Need to create or re-evaluate your most effective team/employees.
  • Want to effectively identify and weed out negative influences.


  • Still struggling with a basic level of results. This program is built on your momentum. If you are stalled, check out laser sessions to get you back on track.
  • Don’t have a clear plan for success. This program focuses on navigating a plan you already have in place. If you are looking for your next adventure or re-evaluating what success looks like, then check out Make Me Unstoppable. This is more intense help for those up for anything.
  • You already know your role and winning strategy. If you’ve read the resources on this site, it’s easy to diagnose yourself. This program drills down deeper into nuances you haven’t thought of – yet. But if you think you’ve thought of everything and just need some support while you practice new skills, check out Laser Sessions.
  • You are not willing to make the commitment to do the work· You’re not ready to make adjustments. You want to “wing it” and just “be yourself.” Hey, nothing wrong with that. This program helps you polish your gifts so you can show up as your strongest version of yourself. Consistently. In any situation. But if you want to make smaller adjustments, check out the laser sessions. This program is a micro approach to specific situations.


The first step is filling out a questionnaire and providing as much information as possible about where you are and what got you there. I’ll be looking at your: business plan, marketing, social media, website, employee policies and any other information you provide that will give me insight into how you show up in the way you represent yourself.

The second step, once I go over the information (approximate time is 7-10 working days depending on the amount of materials), we’ll have a 60-minute insight presentation of findings that will map out the changes you need to make to maximize the success you already enjoy. This session will determine areas of focus for the rest of the project. You will leave not only with a list of changes but also next steps for the first implementation session and go over any new developments.


  • Implementation sessions, ongoing support, and insights.
  • Four, approximately 60-minute session per month
  • You will be assigned task between sessions and you’ll be expected to give your best effort to complete them.
  • You will have limited access to me by email, fax, text, etc… between sessions for in the moment support
  • You’ll email your tasks and updates a minimum of two days prior to our scheduled sessions
  • Our sessions will consist of three parts; any twists, turns, and roadblocks, going over your tasks, evaluation of what needs to happen next, next tasks.


This package is for three months: the first month for developing the navigation plan and two months of support. At the end of the three months, we evaluate where you are and decide if we need to continue working together and how much attention and support you need. The amount of progress will depend on your implementation of the plan. The timing and structure of this program are based on our experience of the amount of time clients can commit to in the face of busy schedules. This program is customized based on your specific situation and the changes you are open to making. Additional phone or email support is available for an additional investment; please let us know and we will include that in the package we create for you.

Custom programs can be designed to include your team members, key players, and executives, to assist you with exactly the attention and depth you and your business need. Upon providing details of your needs, a custom “Private Label” package may be a better tool and will be created specifically for you with the level of attention, in person and in certain circumstances, travel with the client or team to be in the moment strength, support, and adjustments.

Contact us to discuss special arrangements.