Be Unstoppable
No Matter What Shows Up

Make Me Unstoppable!

You know you’re good. But do you know why? More importantly, do you know how to put your best gifts to their best use?

This program adds jet fuel to launch the rocket you’ve already developed. This program takes everything you have; your gifts; your triggers; your hidden agendas; your blind spots; your winning strategy — and creates a winning formula to become unstoppable. Every time. No matter what.


You become the person everyone wants to partner with. The person who gets the golden opportunities reserved for those in the top-tier. The person who attracts the best of the best. In other words….you Show Up STRONG® in any situation.

This in-depth program is for rolling up our sleeves and digging down deep. You’ll have an ongoing and “joined at the brain” access to Tamara. This intense program won’t take you to the next level, it takes you to your highest level and showing up stronger than you ever thought possible.

For “The Restless Successful®”, the extreme achievers, and those who want to be prepared for anything. When you’re ready to leap into new levels of effectiveness, Tamara’s “Make Me Unstoppable” service makes success portable, consistent, and lasting. You will get an insightful and confidential outside source to work side by side with you to interpret, organize, and implement in ways you never realized you could. We’ll look at your business, ideas, approach, communication and world from 30,000 feet then narrow in on what’s really important and what’s not. We work brain to brain until Showing Up Strong is second nature.

What to expect from me:

  • Strategically and tactically plan and implement for hyper-growth in your business environment based on your best definition of success. Not sure what that new success definition is, not a problem, you’ll dive in and redefine that together.
  • An in-depth and unbiased interpretation of the way you show up in different environments and situations at every angle. This inventory of individual assets and liabilities form the foundation for your own personal “unstoppable” approach.
  • The identification and evaluation of the deep-rooted roles, default traits and triggers. You will know what to use, what to watch out for and from what “habits” to walk away.
  • Master the solid skills and tools to decide what roles to play and when, so you will navigate tricky situations with effectiveness, elegance, and ease.
  • Creating a step by step approach to getting you to the destination you truly desire, by approaching everything you do with your strongest traits. This game plan is a deep dive and allows you to get results without becoming something that you are not.
  • Keep you with contentment in where you are, while you continue to reach higher levels. This will ensure sustainable results and prevent burn-out, soul-selling “faux success” that is not sustainable.
  • Identify the areas that are your highest and best use of energy, which is draining and be right there with you to navigate big changes.

This is for you if:

  • Have a new definition of success. As we grow and achieve, our goals change. This project explores how you define success now and how to get there using the skills you’ve developed.
  • Have experienced success “the hard way” and now want to get results without killing yourself. You know there’s an easier way to get your results but don’t know what to do about it.
  • Reached a point of uneasiness or stagnation in your success. You know there’s something bigger out there waiting for you but you just can’t put your finger on it. You need clarity about your next level and a specific path to get there.
  • Want to decide what to engage with and detach from at lightning speed · Want to attract and retain your valuable high potential employees and key players. Stop the expensive and frustrating turnover.
  • Are a high achiever and want to obtain clarity on and adjustments to, the role you play in your successes and failures so you can bounce back faster than ever.
  • Want to reduce costs and increase gains in your personal life and your business while still adhering to your values.
  • Be the person you’re proud of in every situation. When you are proud of your response to the curveballs all of us face, you can easily detach from the outcome and move forward without looking back.
  • Effectively reduce or diminish negative influences with grace and ease.
  • Restructure the way you engage with yourself and others.
  • Want to redesign what you offer and how you charge to place more value on your time and energy to increase income and satisfaction.
  • Have great ideas and need to decide your priorities and path.
  • Are surrounded by “yes” people and need someone to explore the delicate truths in a way you can hear them.

This is not for you if:

  • You need more nuances than big changes. Sometimes you just need to make small changes to a lot of things. If so, consider the limited scope in the Laser Sessions.
  • You believe the problem is only “out there.” This program is for changing what is in your control; you. The first step in our journey is to own your role in every situation. Clients who get the most out of this program fess up to how they show up, then we can move swiftly into new approaches.
  • Are comfortable with the status quo. If you want to be more effective in your current environment, check out the The Entrepreneur Optimizer service. You get ongoing support without ditching your current plans.
  • Self-improvement is not something you believe in.
  • Concerned about the changes you’ll have to make. If you are worried that the results won’t be worth the effort, check out Laser Sessions. This smaller scope will help you implement subtle changes that will create great results in your current situation.
  • Like your approach just the way it is. We understand that what you do has worked, this isn’t a whirlwind overhaul, it’s a series of adjustments that make a big difference. And… you do have to change to get the most value. The good news; we’re right there with you.

How it works:

The first step is filling out a questionnaire and providing as much information, correspondence, social media pages/profiles, websites, videos, marketing materials and office policies as possible. An in-depth evaluation will be conducted in approximately two weeks time (or more or less, depending on the amount submitted). There will be a briefing session to go over any information you would like included in my evaluation and to clarify your current vision for your best destination.

The next step consists of a series of sessions via conference call. The first month will begin with a findings sessions, where we go over what has been gleaned from the information provided and insights to the roles you play. From this session, the other conversations in month one we will collaborate on defining your best destination and create a game plan on how to reach your vision.

Second and third months will cover the Implementation issues identified in the first month. These sessions will include feedback in real-time situations, overcoming internal challenges and any related support you need during your journey, sessions, ongoing support and insights, and strategic planning.

One 60 (approximate) minute session per week.

Emails and text messages on issues and ideas that need attention between sessions.

You will be assigned task between sessions You will be given tasks with new approaches to what you are already doing. These are tasks that will be easily integrated into your current schedule.

How long does it take?

This package is for a three month period: one month for creating the plan and two months support in implementation. If at the end of the three months, we evaluate where you are and decide if we need to continue working together and how much attention and support you need. The amount of progress will depend on how you implement the plan.

This project is more customized at a deeper level than the Laser Sessions and The Entrepreneur Optimizer, with the plan depending on your goals and definition of success. If upon providing details of your needs, we decide a custom service will be your best option, where you will have in-person attached at the hip and brain access and a more rapid impact on your results. The “Private Label” service, has got your name on it. 

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