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Show Up Strong®

What does it mean to Show Up Strong?

How we approach winning and losing is how we navigate life.

What does it mean to Show Up Strong? Showing up strong isn’t just for business, finances, or personal life, it’s an all encompassing approach to all aspects of the way you navigate the world around you. Analyzing and adjusting the role you play in every situation to Show Up Strong® with your winning strategy in everything you do. 

Imagine handling any situation with agility and resilience, no matter how challenging. Maintaining dignity and grace while remaining tactical and focused. Being powerful with the ability to sustain and nurture (com)passion for life, business, and the people around you.

Confidence, without arrogance. Discernment on steroids. A specialized form of engagement and detachment. 

Staying true to yourself, while succeeding in the real world.

Showing up strong is taking ownership of the roles you play; your approach, impact, health, results, legacy, and your life. 

Taking a strategic approach to the way you show up in the world and navigate the world while being fluid to allow for growth and change. It’s learning to balance getting what you want, while considering how you go about getting it will have a ripple effect. 

Keeping a balance of drive and determination with emotional intelligence and responsibility. 

A deeper dive into what it means to Show Up Strong®

Graceful Confidence

The ability to handle stressful, highly emotional, and high-stakes situations with a sense of confidence and elegance as well as handling extreme successes with the same gracefulness. Knowing yourself in such depth, that you know when you’re in situations that will bring out the worst in you and having the wisdom to exit as gracefully and quickly as possible. 

Exceptional Resilience

The ability to get back up and start again after mistakes, losses, and disasters. Not only finding solutions but finding opportunities where others find dead ends. The ability to adjust strategies and plans when the situation calls for a new path.

A Learners Mind

An openness to differing perspectives, new discoveries, oppositional opinions and opportunities to learn. Desire to do what’s right, instead of the need to be “right”.

Discernment on Steroids

Calculating what and with whom to engage or detach.

The ability to identify hidden agendas, blind spots, and worthy pursuits, instead of the agenda of the ego (of the self and of others).  Not allowing ego, pride, fear, stress-inducing people,  behaviors, environments, and emotions get in the way of the vision, purpose, and desired outcomes.

Mental Fortitude

The ability to reject arrogance, intimidation, terrorization or any form of subjugation by an adversary or any other person(s) which would stand in the way of your strength, integrity, dignity, mission, vision, contentment, and success.

Big Picture Systems Thinking

Ability to make the hard decisions and to do what’s right, in the grand scheme, to reach goals while keeping the ripples of impact in mind.

Humble Authority

Giving others encouragement and ability to grow. To show compassion when reasonable mistakes are made, taking responsibility for misguiding and communication, while being a powerful leader whom people want to follow, support and partner with.

Protecting Your Assets

Your #1 Asset: Remembering to take care of yourself; mind, body, and brain, without being  or feeling selfish.

Your#2 Asset: Show Up Strong® with your finaces, investments, and cashflow.  Make smarter decisions with your money and be more discerning of what’s deserving of your hard earned money. 


Taking care of and giving credit to those who helped, inspired, supported, mentored, and encouraged you along the way to your success and supported you in your failures.


The determination to continuously evolve mentally, emotionally and in the work you do; what you take from and give to the world around you.

More Skilled Use of Emotional Intelligence

An exquisite skill of recognizing, interpreting, and accepting the emotions of oneself and others. Recognizing and working with emotions that produce specific reactions and behaviors. Using emotional intelligence to positively influence those around you.

Exceptional Empathic Intelligence

The ability to see through the eyes of another and experience the world as another.

Being able to stand in perspectives, needs, emotions, life experiences, etc… of others, without attachment to one’s own preconceived judgements.

Self-Knowledge Mastery

Learning about, accepting and integrating areas of the self, hidden by biases and blind spots.

Owning one’s personal impact in all situations, no matter how small or large.

Ecosystem Maintenance

Calibrating all people, things and environments in your business and personal ecosystems have an equal exchange of positive energy.

Keeping inventory of the health of people, things, and environment in personal and business ecosystems.

Learning from and cleaning up one’s own mess to the best of your ability.

Heart & Brain Balance

Letting your heart guide your vision and mission in life and business.

Putting your tactical thinking in charge when making decisions.

Emotional Curiosity & Agility

Being able to experience emotions while not allowing them to get the better of time, energy, focus and critical thinking.

Allowing reflection on personal emotions and the emotions of others as a way of understanding and growth. Not to learn how to manipulate for selfish gain, but to learn why of the emotions.

Areas of impact when you Show Up Strong®

A more resourceful and resilient state of mind that can navigate any situation to produce the best outcomes.

Leading to:

✔︎ Increased revenue

✔︎ Business growth and expansion

✔︎ Personal growth

✔︎ Leadership growth

✔︎ Better decision making in high-stakes environments

✔︎ Successful initiatives

✔︎ Highly skilled talent acquisition and retention

✔︎ Employee satisfaction and cooperation

✔︎ Meaningful business impact

✔︎ Meaningful personal fulfillment

✔︎ Sustainable growth and success

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