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Virtual COO / Business Management

Virtual COO / Interim COO

You love what you do, but dealing with your business operations isn’t one of them. You’ve made it this far managing your own business operations, but in order to keep growing and having more time on your hands, you need to hand off operations to someone else. You’re not ready to have a full-time Operations Officer on staff, you need a Virtual Chief Operating Officer also known as a Fractional Operations Officer, Interim COO, or temporary COO.

With Tamara as your VCOO you’ll feel like you’ve cloned yourself to handle your business operations the way you would run things (and sometimes better if that’s not your thing), while you’re out doing what you do best, serving your market and growing your business. 

What to expect from me:

  • Assess your current operations with you and any team members (contracted or employed).

  • Collaborate with you on where you want your business to be short and long term.
  • Evaluate drains, drags, and snags in your current operations. 
  • Make recommendations for optimization, simplification, and removing human dependency and room for human errors to allow your business to grow.
  •  Implement new systems, training, and change management.

  • Ensure your operations run smoothly, efficiently, and in compliance of legal and industry regulations.

  • If we’re engaged in ongoing VCOO services, I oversee day-to-day operations, continuously seek room for improvements and business growth opportunities through research, market trends, and data analysis to drive your business forward.

  • Help you see around corners to make sure your business will be fully capable of withstanding crisis situations with protections, diversification opportunities, and contingency plans ready to mobilize.

  • In addition to traditional operations, you will have the option to have me handle your DevOps.

  • Enable you to enjoy your success more and stress less.

This is for you if:

  •  You are a small to medium size business, solopreneur, entrepreneur, funded startup, self-employed, consultant, high demand speaker or author.

  • Your business is positioned to grow, but there’s a time and efficiency block that needs the attention of a skilled operations officer or operations manager.
  • Your business doesn’t need full-time operations  oversight, yet.
  • You simply don’t want to deal with that side of your business and wish you could free up your time to enjoy yourself more and be “on the clock” less.
  • You haven’t had a vacation in years without checking on your business or being interrupted to put out fires or take sales calls.
  • You want someone who is experienced and skilled to help you take your business to new levels and expansion.
  • You want someone who will enthusiastically train/onboard and transition  to a full-time COO when you and your business are ready.

This is not for you if:

  • You anticipate needing ongoing support averaging an approximate 64 hours per month or more to start (increased time will be anticipated with growth, ramping up to a full-time COO, and can be negotiated on a case by case basis and availability).
  • If it will put an unnecessary financial burden on your business or if you will have any animosity about the expense.
  •  If you are a micromanager with an aversion to trust (beyond what is reasonable and prudent).
  •  If you have a tendency to blur or cross the lines of ethical or legal business practices.