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Show Up Strong® Service List

The Restless Successful Advisory Program®

The three levels of this program

The Restless Successful Advisory Program® is for individuals who have already achieved a high level of success and are looking for something more. They’re ready to shrug off the old expectations of what success means and live their own definition of success. Whether it’s a whole new business venture, expanding their current business into more meaningful and impactful areas, or a complete life and income makeover. This is the guidance you’ve been looking for. 

Laser Sessions

 Tamara’s Laser sessions are focused support for real-time situations that will benefit from an outside perspective. This program is built for specific issues that need support for you to show up strong. Those challenges that pop up suddenly and you need an unbiased partner to call for the occasional deep dive or as ongoing momentum boosts after you’ve completed more in-depth programs and projects.

Optimize Me

You’ve reached the level of success you set out to reach and now it’s time to see what you can really do. You’re ready to optimize your success and you’re smart enough to know, what got you here won’t get you there.  We’ll take your greatest hits and create new roles for you and your business. You’ll be finely tuned to run at your peak levels, getting more with less time and energy. You and your business run at optimum performance. You’ll be turning your solid foundation into a masterpiece.

make me Unstoppable

You know you’re good. But do you know why? More importantly, do you know how to pivot on a dime?  This program creates a winning formula to become unstoppable. Every time. No matter what. Result: you become the person everyone wants to partner with. The person who gets the golden opportunities reserved for those in the top-tier. In other words….you Show Up STRONG in any situation.

More Business Services

Transformation Navigation

Whether intentional or by necessity, businesses and executives  must continuously transform. Navigating transformation and change, successfully, takes experience. At the control center of navigation is where Tamara has lived for over 35 years.

Executive Performance

We all get blind to the things we do and see every day. It’s how our brain becomes efficient. Efficient for the brain, but not for our personal or professional performance. I reveal and remove the blind spots and help you see around corners. Watch your performance go through the roof. 


If you could only clone yourself. Well, you can. Your time is best spent doing what you do best. Hand off the time consuming operations to someone who will ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently, while collaborating with you on driving your business growth. Then making it happen.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Successful businesses need continuous strategic planning. Set it and forget it no longer works in our rapidly changing world. Creating agile strategies that can be adjusted and implemented without losing a beat is what it takes to stay successful and continue to grow. From products to market strategy and joint ventures, you’re prepared.



Assess your use of technology, or lack there of, to remove human dependency and room for human error. Develop and implement the best technology for your needs to make your business flow, seamlessly.

A Strong Online PRESENCE

Assess your current presence and either rework, build out, or create a bigger better platform to showcase your brilliance.  Ensure you Show Up STRONG for your target market and attract new business. From websites redesign and complete redos to brand consistency to content and digital marketing, we make sure your strong and consistent. We create and manage it all for you. 


Putting together and maintaining a high performance team can be the biggest challenge to growing and running your business. Sometimes you can be too close to the situation and need an impartial third-party to help you build (and sometimes clean out) you team. Help evaluate your best approach to team structure making growth and strength possible.


Taking your past and current success strategies, your greatest natural abilities, and those you may be overlooking, with you to new ventures. It’s often hard to see our own natural strengths, weaknesses, and success strategies. I reveal them and help you fine tune your approach to your next big success.

Contact us for an assessment and consultation to see how we can make you and your business Show Up STRONG!