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Do you ever wonder how some people seem to "have it all" and stand out in everything they do? Talent, gifts, and skills get you in the game. But how you navigate the journey of ups and downs separates one-hit wonders from the consistent heavy hitters. When we define our role and adjust our winning strategy, we Show Up STRONG®.


Do you want to be the one everyone wants to work with and work for? In every situation and every outcome, we play a role. Could you be choosing roles with some hidden agendas? Do you want to identify and nurture your high-potentials on your team? What if your best skills, talents, and bigger opportunities are hidden in your blind spots? Define your roles, change your impact, and gain more powerful results. We all play different roles in different situations, but not all of them deserve an award. Take control of your role to be an unstoppable force and grow your business economically and socially, beyond expectations.


Have you noticed, the maps of conventional wisdom in navigating our world are missing some vital information? The map is not the territory. Life, success, getting results and making a difference are not linear experiences. Knowing what to do and doing it are not the same and not always easy. Choosing what to engage with and detach from is tough under pressure when you have a lot at stake. Evolve the way you interpret, navigate, and impact the world around you. Gain discernment on steriods to get what you want with an enviable elegance.


Have you reached a level of success that's no longer thrilling you? Perhaps you’ve found out the hard way, we can be successful and unhappy, wealthy and unsatisfied, affluent and anxious. Getting more of the tired expectation of success isn’t the answer. Are you ready to bodly redefine success and get the results, make the impact, and leave the legacy that's meaningful to you?  Success grants many freedoms, but some you need to grant to yourself. You need an experienced guide on your journey to take the leap. 

Success grants many freedoms, but some you have to grant to yourself. 

It can be a little scary to make changes when you're already successful. You can make those changes and build on your success when you have an experienced guide.

Turn Adversity & Restlessness Into Big Opportunities

Do You Need A New Way To Navigate What You Want To Do & What You Need To Do, Without Compromising Your Standards Or Your Success?

When your blind spots are revealed, you will make bold moves in high-stakes environments to get what you want, with dignity and grace. As your Chief Navigating Officer, Tamara doesn't shy away from revealing what you need to see to get your most powerful results.

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