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“The Way We Navigate Winning And Losing Is The Way We Navigate Life” ~Tamara Lee Taylor 

Executive Advisor
& Consultant

In every situation and every outcome, we play a role. Could you be choosing roles with some hidden agendas? Define your roles, change your impact, and gain more powerful results. We all play different roles in different situations, but not all of them deserve an award.

Virtual COO / Business Management

You need a second you to collaborate, strategize, and implement your vision, but a full-time COO isn't what you need. You need someone to ensure your business will Show Up STRONG for you, so you're empowered to do what you're born to do.

The Restless Successful Advisory Program®

Have you reached a level of success that's no longer thrilling your? Are you ready to boldly redefine success and get the results, make the impact, and live the success that's meaningful to you?

Performance Management & Strategy Navigation

Maps of conventional wisdom are missing some vital information? The map is not the territory. When navigating change requires a Navigator in Chief to keep your momentum and exponentially boost performance.


Tamara Lee Taylor Helps You Show Up Strong® 

Adjusting the way we navigate our surroundings, elegantly, confidently, and stress free making success sustainable, portable, and purposful.

Life and business have cycles of ups, downs, and dilemmas, now more than ever before. The key is not in avoiding obstacles, that’s impossible. The key to thriving is the way we navigate any situation that comes our way and seeking out improvements to our status quo.

High functioning people don’t need a tear down and rebuild, what’s needed is a strategic remodel to their solid foundation. 


What Do Clients Say?

For client privacy, names are not publicly exposed, but may be granted upon request with client approval.

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