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We help business leaders design the strength to thrive in rapidly changing environments. 

Executive Adisor
& Consultant

In every situation and every outcome, we play a role. Could you be choosing roles with some hidden agendas? Define your roles, change your impact, and gain more powerful results. We all play different roles in different situations, but not all of them deserve an award.

Virtual COO / Fractional COO

You need a second you to collaborate, strategize, and implement your vision, but a full-time COO isn't what you need. You need someone to ensure your business will Show Up STRONG for you, so you're empowered to do what you're born to do.

The Restless Successful Advisory Program®

Have you reached a level of success that's no longer thrilling your? Are you ready to boldly redefine success and get the results, make the impact, and live the success that's meaningful to you?

Performance Management & Strategy Navigation

Maps of conventional wisdom are missing some vital information? The map is not the territory. When navigating change requires a Navigator in Chief to keep your momentum and exponentially boost performance.


What Clients Say?

President & Founder

Fortune 50 Consultant, Author & Speaker – Silicon Valley

If you are a solopreneur, like me, or a small business, you don’t just need a Virtual COO, you need Tamara. Some of the benefits I’ve had working with Tamara:

  • Freed myself to move my business forward by working with a trusted partner
  • I get a wide range of advice to take action on matters I don’t have time to learn or need to learn
  • Get feedback and assistance with marketing, sales, Internet, social media, presentations, and positioning
  • Make sure I don’t go down a rabbit hole on matters I don’t need to spend time on
  • Specify the outcomes and let my Virtual COO do the rest
  • Peace of mind that things will get done without worry

Founding Partner & CEO

Medical Training & Equipment – UK

I would most accurately describe Tamara as my business psychiatrist, and an amazing one at that.

 I have absolutely no hesitation recommending her services to any level of manager or entrepreneur who is seeking to grow and develop.

At every session, Tamara was not only insightful but beautifully adept at picking out the salient elements of each issue and supporting me through analysis and options appraisal. 

She has phenomenal emotional intelligence and has a unique ability to look at every situation in a multi-faceted way opening otherwise hidden strategies. 

Founding Partner

Insurance Industry – USA

Tamara is very responsive if you have a problem. She jumped in to help solve a conflict at a critical point in what would be our biggest initiative to date. Getting both sides to adjust our expectations and see the wins from different angles proved successful.

I recommend Tamara strongly. I also suggest that you make sure you’re ready to get what you ask for.   Unlike other professionals, she doesn’t force you into a template or process that takes way too long for busy executives.  She quickly and insightfully pulls what’s important and gets to the point. Be prepared to move fast and get the feedback you need to hear that most people won’t tell you. 

President & Founder

Environmental & Conservation – Global

I needed someone who could re-design and manage our website to more accurately reflect the mission and vision, create a more focused market strategy implementation process, without trying to change my message and uniqueness in the process.  

I also wanted to find new opportunities and needed help with numerous business projects. I’m beyond satisfied with the progress we’ve made and am so thankful to have been introduced to someone who really can do it all and understood how to fit it all together to flow so well. My focus and business never looked better.

Founder & Director

International Security Industry

I am writing to tell you of the many outstanding qualities of Tamara, whom I have known since 2011, in various capacities, including President of Show Up Strong and Executive Advisor for several different firms in the Phoenix, AZ area.

I have had the chance to get to know Tamara, and I say without a doubt that you are dealing with a person of very good moral character. Tamara operates with integrity and left EVERY project or company I saw her work with – running BETTER than it did prior to her arrival. Tamara is hard working and dedicated, and never leaves a job unfinished.

I have no doubts about her abilities to help any company or person she aligns with, succeed in the future.


Multi-State Business Group

I implemented Tamara’s  advice and my business went up 50% in 60 days!

Tamara has been an angel in my life. She is positive, uplifting, supportive, and more importantly, a work horse. Not afraid to roll up her sleeves and do the job that needs to be done, but no one else wants to do. Whether you are developing yourself or a company, you owe it to yourself to have a consultation with Tamara. 

Thank you Tamara for all you do, it is respected, appreciated and admired by your biggest fan. 


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